Every bride wants to look  perfect on her wedding day, but every woman has a unique body sizes and skin tones. Choosing for the right gown that fits for different body types is necessary. Shopping for wedding dress and accessories are probably the most exciting and the most stressful thing to do. So, a long checklist is a good idea and budget planner to keep track on how much every pieces of materials needed costs.

It is important to know the latest trends in wedding dresses designs. Though, classic style looks so solemn and sacred, what’s in and what’s not in the fashion world is very important. Choosing the right fabric, motifs, flower bouquet designs varies from season to season. In fact, more and more designers are experimenting different design ideas for wedding dresses and accessories to show some fresh unique designs.

There are lots of wedding dress designs, from holiday-themed gowns to different couture styles. But first, choose a wedding venue in order to get a hint on what style of dress will fit for the location. For example, a long white gown is always a great idea for a Church Wedding, but for Outside Wedding, an off-shoulder semi-formal gown or a casual dress and a simple necklace, would be great because it can makes the bride feel comfortable by not showing to much skin, however in some locations or venue a skirt and bolero are becoming more popular.

Fashion in wedding do not focuses in gowns alone. A small pieces of accessories is definitely needed to make the bride look stunning and beautiful.

Jewelry. This shiny little things comes with different shapes and colors will certainly adds spark to the brides biggest day. A handmade necklace may be simple and elegant, while beads and pearls are traditional yet will looks perfect for all of skin types. Tiara is certainly a great idea, too. It makes the bride’s beauty glow more. Other good idea in choosing wedding jewelries are birthstones gems and ivory.

Wedding ring is the most important. It says that diamond is forever, then a diamond ring will be the best, for it symbolizes eternal love and trust. But, yes, diamonds costs roughly thousands of dollars. Other best choices are gold, white gold and silver. They are less expensive, simple but pure.

Hair style, hair cut and hair accessories should be carefully be chosen. Because this is the second aspect next to the bride’s dress. Choosing different hair styles for different shapes of faces will do the trick to make the bride look dramatic.

All in all, the key in choosing a wedding dress is to maximize the bride’s best assets and minimizes flaws to make look her gorgeous, stunning and perfect.

For the bridesmaids and flower girl’s gown, it can be simple, expressive or artistic, but make it sure that its always the bride who is the most beautiful and the most noticeable person on the most important day of her life.

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